Kanvaz Christmas Tree

Kanvaz Hotel, December 10th, 2019

An immersive Christmas tree by Gabriel Aries Setiadi is unveiled on December 12, 2019, forming a spectacular installation to bring in the festive season in Kanvaz Village Resort Seminyak. This is the first Christmas tree at the Hotel since its opening, coupled with a strong desire to dedicate the Hotel into a place of discovery, Kanvaz Village Resort Seminyak has embraced its appreciation for local talent to mark the unveiling of this season and will continue the tradition each year..

Gabriel Aries Setiadi, a young emerging artist from Bandung is focused on exploring the inclusion of new material into his artistic practice which previously concentrated in stone carving and acrylic. Gabriel Aries’ hopes for his tree for Kanvaz Village Resort Seminyak is that it “can arise the audience’s contemplative spirit”.

Gabriel’s installation features a four-meter sculptural tree that was made of metal frames painted in gold colour and decorated with layers of wiremesh . The metal characteristics symbolize the human endurance; fragile yet warm inside. Underneath the layer of wiremesh, lights were positioned to illuminate the tree from within depicting human hearts. This artwork accentuates a strong symbolism to humans on earth who have one destination and one hope. “Asal Mula Asa” Gabriel named his tree Hope (“Asa”) which represents how humans were born into this world. They learned about life itself, courage, sacrifice, sincerity, fatigue each and every year and restart again yearly with new Hope (Asa). As a prayer which is always there time after time, Hope (“Asa”) comes with different names, forms, and stories, but always has the same destination.

The tree is placed at the center of “Blue Robin” arrival courtyard. This offers viewers an altered perspective from inside and outside of the Hotel; the tip of the tree from the lower floor, the floating body from the ground, and the glittering wire mesh opening out in an abstract star formation when viewed from the upper floor.

GM Kanvaz Resort Seminyak said, ‘We are delighted to showcase our first Christmas tree installation this year. This unveiling marks a pivotal moment for the festive season at Kanvaz Village Resort Seminyak. All in all the tree symbolizes the Journey that Kanvaz Village Resort Seminyak hopes to bring consumers on. This tree fits the space perfectly, allowing all generations to experience the artwork in the striking setting of the new entrance and signals the beginning of an exciting era of annual Christmas artist/designer commissions at Kanvaz Resort Seminyak.

The tree was on display from :
December 12th, 2019 to January 10th, 2020

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