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Rise above it all at our extensive rooftop space devoted to fitness, wellness and divine spa treatments. Relish the feeling of well-being at our gym, yoga studio, healing room, juice bar, and our nature-based spa and well-appointed beauty salon. Our spa therapists create an elevated experience of blissful pampering and complete relaxation. Try one or all of our Water, Fire, Air or Earth signature massages. Designed to recharge, rejuvenate and blissfully relax. Who knew vibrant Seminyak could be so chilled?

The element Air represents intellect, mental intentions and the connection to the universal life force.

Air Signature massage.

This signature treatment includes a breathing meditation, a Nauli yoga kriya to stimulate the digestive system, a deeply relaxing oil massage followed by a sound healing session.

The element water represents emotional release, intuition and inner reflection.

Water Signature massage.

The water signature massage consists of a lymphatic drainage massage using traditional Hawaiian lomi lomi movements, a chakra balancing and body scrub followed by an aromatic warm bath.

The foundation of all life, the element earth represents grounding and the connection to the life path and family roots. It is the nurturing element.

Earth Signature massage.

The treatment consists of a sound healing session followed by a pressure point massage with hot stones to stimulate the deep tissues, followed by a reflexology session

This element represents energy, it harnesses the tools for transformation, personal power and inner strength.

Fire Signature Massage.

This treatment consists of a body brush and scrub followed by a cool down or warm up massage, depending on your condition, with a specific blend of oils. Cold or hot lava stones are applied at key acupressure points to stimulate the heart chakra and balance the emotions.

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